Sometime in the late 1980's human beings started dressing their pets in sweaters.

And then years later they said: "I'm gonna give this animal a lick off my ice cream."

And now they stuff the poor guys in little bags at the airport and fly them to Phoenix in coach. I don't understand how we let that happen. These are animals. What if the guy next to you got bitten by a dog when he was a youngster and developed a phobia?

Anyway, that's not the topic today.

The topic today is people can't believe that it's still legal to throw your dog in the back of your truck and head on down I-15 at 90 MPH.

A poster on Reddit says: "I can't believe this is still legal in Utah."

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u/wolfsisix says:

"When I was a kid one of my first visits to the vet with my dog there was another guy there with his dog who couldn't walk his dog had fallen out of the bed of his truck on the highway and broke its back. I like to think I can learn from other people's mistakes and have never kept my dogs in the bed."

They might have a point here. I guess it's one thing driving it around a ranch but going on the freeway gets a little more dangerous. You must just have to weigh the cost/benefit. How much do you really love your dog vs. Breakfast stops being served at 10:30am at McDonalds.

I've never had a dog but I understand people have strong feelings toward them.

Would you put your dog in your truck bed on the freeway?

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