By Andy Thompson, ESPN 977

1. Mountain Crest's Offense is...multiple

One of the biggest quirks about Mountain Crest's offense is how radical they change up their personnel and formations. They'll give you a true spread look and then the next series/play they're in 32 personnel with no splits at the 40-yard line.

"Mountain Crest has a big, physical offensive line," said Desert Hills Coach Rick Berry. "They line up in a two back set and pound you with two good backs. We have to be physical up front."

attachment-Smiling Barry Alvarez

2. You Can Play Big Too

Watch this run by #12 Tyden Morris last week:

Morris is averaging 7.2 yards per carry this year. He's rushed for over 100 yards in seven games this season and sometimes I feel like he doesn't get enough credit. Desert Hills can score fast, they can hit big plays vertically, they have playmakers all over the field. But when you have a workhorses like Morris and Kona Crowell in your backfield, Desert Hills can win by throwing body blows not just haymakers in the playoffs.

3. You Have the QB

Noah Fuailetolo is almost at 70% completion percentage on the year. Amazing.

That's a kid who knows the offense and where to go with the ball. He's thrown ten touchdowns in his last three games and even ran one in last week against Sky View.

He has incredible chemistry with his receivers with four receivers averaging over 14 yards per catch (#6 Lincoln Holmes 15.7ypc, #3 Tayven Mortensen 14.7ypc, #11 Ayzen Cummings 14.2ypc , #7 Javiyen Cummings 14.1ypc).

"Offensively, we need to be balanced and take what they give us," said Berry. " I think the key will be for us to get a quick start and get them one dimensional."

Fuailetolo has a 2-2 record in his playoff career as the starting QB for Desert Hills:

  • 2020 - W 44-14 Mountain Crest
  • 2020 - L 44-12 Sky View
  • 2021 - L 37-35 Pine View
  • 2022 - W 35-21 Sky View

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