Let's be honest...we're all rooting for Aubrey R. tonight (SDSU). Nothing personal Bobby.

There's only two teams left in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament and the Germaine Marine Final Four Fan Challenge is finally coming to its dramatic conclusion.

Who's it gonna be? Bobby R. (UCONN) or Aubrey R. (SDSU)

Here are my thoughts...

BOBBY R. (#4 seed UCONN)

Miami v Connecticut
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UCONN is pounding everybody.

They've won every game in the tournament by double digits.

They killed Gonzaga and Miami pretended to want to win for a little while but the Huskies were too much.

They have the best half court ball movement in the country. They're like watching the 2011 Spurs. The ball never sticks and they always find the open guy and their bigs do an amazing job pinning defenders to get easy buckets.

Plus, UCONN has the history.

For all the talk about how this tournament is all about the middle teams and not "blue bloods", UCONN is kind of a blue blood. They've won four national titles. Look at the picture above (Kemba Walker, Richarld Hamilton, Emeka Okafor, Ray Allen) that's a hall of fame group right there.

And unfortunately, this game seems like it could be eerily similar to the 2011 National Championship between Cinderella Butler and UCONN. UCONN had Walker, but were't the most exciting team. Everybody wanted Butler to win. And UCONN trounced them 53-41. It was one of the most boring games ever. I hope tonight isn't like that.

BOBBY R. (#5 seed SDSU)

Florida Atlantic v San Diego State
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Lamont F. Butler.

That was one of the greatest finishes ever on Saturday.

Love a true buzzer beater where it's win or lose on the final shot not win or go to overtime.

I'm cheering for SDSU. They're a Mountain West school and the underdog. But I think UCONN is going to win by 9.

Good luck Bobby and Aubrey!

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