Is it just me, or is the college football off season taking longer than per usual?

If your a fan of college football in the beehive state you have likely felt some added anticipation for this upcoming season.

Not sure why the jitters are ore intense this off season than ever before?

Well, for starters, every FBS team in the state last season fell short of expectations for themselves and definitely fell short of fans expectations.

Only the Utah Utes posted a winning record, and that 8-5 season was the teams worst outing since 2017 (7-6).

Injuries piled up, the offense struggled, they lost three of their last four games including a 14-7 loss to Northwestern in the Las Vegas Bowl, and its a year Ute fans likely wont remember long.

BYU’s excitement of joining a power 4 conference was met with a 2-7 Big 12 record and a losing streak of 5 games to close the season with at 5-7.

Utah State made a bowl game themselves with a 6-7 record and went .500 in Mountain West play which is fine, but for a team that sat atop the Mountain West a few short years ago, it probably felt underwhelming.

Especially when Georgia State took the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl out from under the Aggies with a 45-22 smack down.

Redemption, or at least the idea of it is a strong factor in the excitement meter.

Knowing that you likely didn’t see the best your team has to offer fills you with a sense of hoping headed into the new year.

Other components for ultimate hype include a new college football video game being released for the first time in 11 years.

Even if your team is a disaster in real life, you can fix them up right on your Xbox.

For Utah State, the Mountain West scene looks familiar, but for the Utes and Cougars the allure of a revamped Big 12 conference warrants a lot of hype in its own right.

Utah and BYU, heated rivals, back In the same conference like it’s 2008 again.

Run from it, hide from it, the Holy War arrives all the same.

Utah in year #1, BYU in year #2, and the trash talking stakes have never been higher.

So, if your feeling a bit anxious in regards to college football filling your soul, just know your almost there.

The Big 12 social media team put out a friendly reminder, for you, and for me, that if we can just handle 12 more Saturdays, football is back.

For all the hype, 12 more Saturdays is totally doable right?

Think of all the things you can entertain yourself with in the meantime to tie you over until then, like baseball and NASCAR.

You got this… probably.

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