I think we all knew this, right?

Not to get cocky or anything but I think this is something the Beehive State should be proud of.

Being the "Most Charitable" state in the country.

According to Thrillist.com (link to full article) from a few years ago, Utah is better than every other state at being charitable.

Here's what the article said:

"Utah also has the highest volunteerism rate in the country. It's the most underrated state in the Union, in terms of good people." (full article)


That's high praise.

Of course one of the biggest reasons Utah gets "most charitable" is because of the LDS Church. Members donate 10% of their income plus other charitable donations every month. That's a lot of charity.

Let's look at some some of the other states around us:

Colorado is "Least Obese"

"With all that amazing hiking, skiing, and just general outdoor goodness, Coloradans have plenty of reasons to get out there and do stuff. But just give it a few more years of having legalized pot, and the 2018 version of this list will be 'Greatest Funyans consumption.” (full article)

Good for Colorado. And now that it's 2024 we can probably check on the Funyans thing. I'm sure that is correct.

Arizona is "Sunniest State"

"Arizona, as a state, doesn’t observe Daylight Savings. But with enough sunlight to turn any seatbelt buckle into a weapon of mass conduction, can you really blame them?" (full article)

I don't think they can take a ton of credit for this one.

Nevada is "Most hot springs"

"Most people associate Nevada with Las Vegas and its man-made wonders. But its hot springs are the perfect way to relax after you’ve spent an hour at the Spearmint Rhino or watching the Thunder from Down Under." (full article)

Do any of these surprise you?

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