The university system was created in Cambridge, Massachusetts some time before Teddy Roosevelt invaded San Juan on horseback. And they created universities because Saturdays had become stale and many young people were like: "I've seen everything at the mall." And the middle-aged crowd felt that betting on horses was thrilling but finished too quickly.

And Walter Camp said that Rugby was great but, hell, you can't throw the ball forward? And so he went to Scheels and bought up all the mouthpieces, and Yale paid him millions of dollars to beat the sallies from Harvard every year. And Camp was the most important man on campus because Yale started selling a bunch of those foam #1 fingers and hats and merchandise and the school was swimming in it.

And once somebody said, "Why is the football coach getting paid so much?" And that person was shipped to Amherst.

Here are Utah Tech's top 10 highest paid employees based on data from 2021 (latest available). Congrats to all of the very talented people on this list. Our goal is to get the football coach in the top 10. (The coach at Stephen F. Austin, who Utah Tech just beat is #1 at his school, Tarleton State's coach is #2 at his.)

1. President Biff Williams

Salary plus benefits: $350,339.70

2. Paul Morris, VP Administrative Affairs

Salary plus benefits: $269,677.18

3. Michael Lacourse, VP, Academic Affairs/Provost

attachment-Michael Lacourse

Salary plus benefits: $268,031.74

4. Rebecca Broadbent, General Counsel


Salary plus benefits: $209,343.90

5. Stephen Lee, Dean, Humanities & Social Sci


Salary plus benefits: $208,036.21

6. Eric Pedersen, Dean, Sci, Engin & Tech

Salary plus benefits: $204,745.90

7. Eliezer Bermudez, Dean, Health Sciences


Salary plus benefits: $200,130.26

8. Kyle Wells, Dean, College of Business

Salary plus benefits: $197,379.63

9. Sarah Vandermark, Snr Assoc Provost

Salary plus benefits: $193,238.09

10. Courtney White, Chief of Staff

Salary plus benefits: $190,072.08

That's the list! Thanks for reading.

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