The merciful ending to the season is nearly upon the Utah Jazz.

Only three games remain, and the one taking place tonight against the Houston Rockets, is the last to be played in Salt Lake City fir the 2023-2024 season.

It’s been a long difficult road for Jazz nation as the team has lost 13 straight, is regularly missing its most established players, and is 4 days a way from not winning a game in an entire month.

With the injury report featuring Jordan Clarkson, John Collins, Kris Dunn, Lauri Markkanen, Walker Kessler and Collin Sexton fans are likely expecting the struggle to press on.

It isn’t just the losses that can take a toll, losses are mostly expected with rebuilding teams, but in the last 13 games, Utah has rarely been competitive.

Only three of the 13 games have seen Utah sit within a single digit deficit.

The Jazz have lost by 20 or more in this span, as often they’ve played a team within 9.

In terms of the Rockets, Utah has faced off with them twice during this losing streak, losing 101-100 in Utah and falling…. 147-119 in Houston.

So, who knows what tonight will actually entail.

If the post trade deadline Jazz who have gone 3-24, have taught us anything, it’s that we should expect little but still try to have a good time through the young guns.

As Jazz fans give it their best shot to enjoy tonight’s matchup between two eliminated teams, they can rest a bit easier knowing that it didn’t cost their lifetime savings.

Per Seat Geek, who the Jazz utilize, tickets are as low as $7.00.

That’s a single seat all the way up near the top, but if you have someone else who wants to join in on this sweet action, you can get two seats right next to each other in the next nosebleed section over for the low price of $8.00 a person.

Per Seat Geek, this is an “amazing deal.” If you feel guilty about such a steal you can find upper bowl tickets from $11.00-$30.00 throughout.

But be warned, if you look into any of the tickets above 25 dollars, Seat Geek will grade those seats out as “okay” deals or premium and deluxe pricing.

But let’s say your sick of staring down from the peak of the Delta Center and you want to get up closer to witness another Omer Yurtseven 20-point game, there’s deals a plenty down low.

If you want to be in the splash zone of sweat there’s a spot just barely up from the Rockets bench for $197.00.

If that’s a little too close and personal, tickets in row 13 can be had for the low cost of $80.00.

If you want to be on bottom row to impress your friends, the first seat in that first row in that weird little corner pocket is only $83.00, a certified amazing deal no doubt.

Upper lower bowl tickets can be copped for $38.00 a ticket right now, which seems like a bargain when seats by the scorers table are still $637.00.

If it’s been your dream to yell at Dillon Brooks while he attempts a free throw, only 4 rows up from the baseline sit four tickets for $181.00 apiece.

Sure, similar tickets can be had at a Detroit Pistons game for only $68.00, but the Jazz sell out way too much, and struggle way too little to often even see the cost of ticket’s we see now.

It’s not the cheapest in the association, nor will it ever be, but for typical Jazz standards, tickets seem accessible for a reasonable cost for the season finale.

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