When it comes to the sporting landscape in Utah, our professional and collegiate programs are consistently consistent.

The Jazz, Utes, Cougars and so on are typically competitive. Always intriguing enough for us to fill the stands, tune in, and care a whole awful lot about the outcome of games. Unfortunately though, they are rarely good enough to deliver in the very end.

NBA finals appearances, Pac-12 championships, Mountain West championships and the like are all well and good, but teams in the beehive state always seem to fall just short of the ultimate goal.

If you’re a jaded sports fan such as myself, its nice to inject a bit of that championship culture into the blood stream to experience what the ultimate victory tastes like.

No, I don’t mean go to your nearest sports store looking to buy a Chiefs jersey or a Nuggets hat. It’s never ok to bandwagon.

But here in Utah, we have a loophole in the form of the 2023 Stanley Cup victors, the Vegas Golden Knights.

The Golden Knights are Utah’s team. If you don’t believe me, just take a gander at the TV territory map for the VGK.

Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana are all Golden Knights territory and are all entitled to locally broadcast games for free.

That means Utah is technically a part of a world championship out in Sin City and fans need to take advantage of it now.

Remember kids, it’s not band wagoning if its local!

Vegas has started their defending champion season in dominant fashion with an undefeated 4-0 record as they have outscored opponents 15-5.

You can be sure to enjoy it all from the beginning for absolutely free. Yes, the Golden Knights offer the Knightime Plus program for $69.99, which gives access to all live regionally televised games, with replays afterwards via streaming. You can also purchase single games for $6.99

But if you right here in Utah, that’s not the way to go. As an official Golden Knights territorial state, you don’t have to sign up for any streaming service, cable package or go watch at that nasty sports bar.

Watching the best team in hockey is a four-step process right now:

Step 1

Go to Wal-Mart, or get on Amazon and purchase a TV antenna. This is your simplistic bunny ears looking, local channel pickup only device.

Step 2

Connect the device to your TV.

Step 3

Turn on the TV.

Step 4

Flip the channel to 16.1 known as KUPX or Utah 16.

And just like that you officially know how to watch the Vegas Golden Knights in Utah from your own couch.

If you already own cable or services like DirecTV stream, you likely already have Utah 16 as a part of your setup as well.

This accessibility is a by product of Scripps Sports taking over the TV rights from the much-disliked AT&T Sportsnet at the end of last season and making sure to bring “all locally broadcast Golden Knights games for free to residents of Nevada and surrounding states within the team’s broadcast territory,”. (KSL Sports)

If the Stanley Cup itself wasn’t enough to get you into the VGK, the easy access to live games should seal the deal. No excuses Utahns, time to Uknight the realm.


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