The first ever Apple Worldwide Developers conference was in 1983 in Santa Clara, California. And Steve Jobs got up on the stage with his turtle neck and talk about Apple and how the products were growing and getting better, and here's the MAC and here's the LISA and here's the whatever else...

But what made those events get a lot of publicity was his "ONE MORE THING" bit that they still do today. The one more thing was announcing a product that they'd kept secret and that was better than any of the other products that they'd built the company on. He did it with the iPod, then the iPhone, then they just did it a week ago with the Apple View thing. The idea is that the rest of our products are taking a back seat. This new thing is the most important thing now in our company!

Steve Jobs Introduces iCloud Storage System At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference
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Pro sports leagues don't do this.

When sports leagues release a new team, it's the lamest product in the league! The Carolina Panthers, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Houston Texans. The Orlando Magic. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

MLB - Tampa Bay Devil Rays - press conference - new manager - Tropicana Field - November 15, 2005


All of these brands are bad, and more importantly they suck, and the league makes sure that they don't threaten their other teams. Like the Lakers or the Packers or the Yankees. They want the new teams to stink and most of them have stunk forever.

But the NHL did it the Steve Jobs way. They said we're releasing a new product, it's called The Golden Knights are they're sexiest team in hockey! They have the best home game experience, they have an awesome brand, they're in Vegas. And most importantly, when the league made the Knights, they said you don't have to make your team out of the worst players in hockey. You can pick a bunch of good players. And now the Knights, who have always been awesome, are officially the best team in hockey! Other leagues are dumb with expansion. The NHL isn't.

2023 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five
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