Joe Cocker, is a rock singer in the 1960's. His career is sputtering. He goes to his management with the idea for a new song. He wants to do a cover. His management says ok what are we thinking? A Fats Domino song? The Everly Brothers? Buddy Holly? No.

Cocker says, I want to cover the Beatles. It's 1968(!) The Beatles are still around and they're the biggest band in the world. You don't cover the Beatles. You cover the Meat Puppets, or Leadbelly, or good songs that are lesser known. You don't cover these guys, especially in 1968. You have nothing to gain. Everybody is going to hate it. The Beatles are the sacred cow. Cocker insists, they say ok, but we gotta do something tasteful with it, something reverent. Let's do something you know acoustic, kind of a nice homage to Paul and John.

Here's the original song:

 And Cocker said: Plug this in...

He upstaged The Beatles!

Nick Saban announced he is retiring yesterday. And it always makes people sick when I tell them I kind of root for Saban and they say he's the devil he's Darth Vader he's the ultimate Goliath how do you like Nick Saban. And here's why I root for Saban...

In 2006 Nick Saban is the most embarrassed football coach in the world. He goes to the NFL doesn't get Drew Brees in a trade, fails miserably. And in the midst of his failure with the Dolphins he goes to his management and says I want to go back to college. Where do you want to go? I want to do a cover...

Now when somebody does a cover of a big coach in college football it's always a mistake. When Urban Meyer went to Florida, Steve Spurrier was like Led Zeppelin. He was a Heisman winner, won a title, endless Sugar Bowls, you don't want to go there you'll never get out of that shadow. Spurrier has a statue. Urban went, won two titles, but Gainesville is still Spurrier's kingdom. Urban doesn't have a statue. Ok, Nick, what do you want Michigan? No. USC, nah. Who's the sacredest cow in college football? Notre Dame? No. Who casts the biggest, most intimidating shadow in all of college football?


You don't wanna do that, Nick. Bear won 5 championships. Fans worship him. He's got the statue. The stupid hat. People pray to him in Tuscaloosa. You don't go to Alabama...and Saban said plug this in...and upstages the Bear.

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