First of all, I need to throw out a couple honorable mentions. I love Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit. They're going to be together calling college football's biggest games for the next decade and a half. They're awesome together.

Here's the top 5.

5. Sean McDonough - College Football, ESPN (play-by-play)

From! Syracuse.

Was on MNF, but MNF's producers were too lame and wanted a starched suit like Mike Tirico or Tessitore, so McDonough who has some wit and some personality said, "send me back to college." Great voice. Great calls. Boston born and bread but not annoying about it. Love him.

4. Cris Collinsworth - NFL, NBC (color commentator)

From! Florida.

I like Cris Collinsworth. Sue me. I like the Collinsworth slide. He has to be with Al Michaels who must be an ego-maniac and needs a moment alone with the camera before Collinsworth comes in. Collinsworth is not a "I'm a really tough football guy, let me tell you about how it was when I played" kind of guy. Not condescending. Spots a ton of stuff I don't see. Looks like Kelly Leak, the kid from The Bad News Bears, back when he played for the Bengals.

3. Tony Romo - NFL, CBS (color commentator) - Billion Dollars a year

From! Illinois State.

There have been color analysts for 100 years. John Madden, Dan Dierdorf, Troy Aikman etc...To me Romo to announcing, is like Mahomes is to playing QB. I've never seen anybody else do what he does. Jason Witten wasn't great, Aikman doesn't teach anything, Cris Collinsworth who I like a lot, doesn't tell you what play is coming next. Romo does and he's full of glee for the game. Brady won't be this good. Manning is great but in a different format so for these reasons. Tony, you're the best color commentator in the business.

2. Brent Musberger - Las Vegas Raiders Radio (play-by-play)

From! Northwestern University (the finest dang journalism school in the country).

You are looking LIVE! Musberger is my guy. He's seen everything from Bear Bryant to Kenny Stabler to Jimmy the Greek. He's done the Super Bowl, Rose Bowl, Citrus Bowl.

He's got all the folksy charm of Keith Jackson without the cholesterol and all the professionalism of Jim Nantz without the sanctimony. Miss him on the big college games.

1. Augustus Cornelius Johnson JR. AKA Gus Johnson - College Football, Fox Sports (play-by-play)

From! Howard University.

Nobody gives a more energetic, exciting call than Gus Johnson. The biggest tragedy was when he moved to Fox he could no longer be on March Madness. He builds up the moments, let's the anticipation build and always delivers an awesome call when the biggest plays happen.



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