Ooof. Let's get this over with...

ECU's Mike Houston is solid as Sears. He's the guy who made James Madison a national champion in the FCS, and his ECU team is well coached. Here are some telltale signs that's true...

-No penalties (ECU is one of best teams in country with that)

-Don't turn ball over very much. (9th best in country)

-Awesome on on third downs (ECU is in the country on 3rd down conversion percentage).

ECU's quarterback has been there for a million years. He's coming off a 30-36, 311 yard performance in a win against UCF. He threw for 465 yards and 6TDs (!) against USF.

For BYU, please don't charge the field if you win. I saw a poll on twitter about that. You're not allowed to rush the field against directional Carolinas. Especially when they are very average and you are the favored team.

Puka Nacua and Jaren Hall got some criticism for smiling while getting butts kicked at Liberty last week. Who cares. Sometimes people laugh in horror movies. It doesn't mean they're not taking Mike Meyers seriously enough.

The last time these two teams played ECU won, and Gardner Minshew was their quarterback.

Kody Epps and Christopher Brooks are out for BYU. Epps has been awesome and it sounds like his injury is more serious. Brooks hopefully will be back this season.

BYU has to win this game and either beat Boise State or Stanford on the road to get bowl eligible. Finishing 8-4 seems like a pipe dream right now. Nothing worse than watching your team get outclassed physically week in and week out.

Silver lining this week, it's a Friday game so you get to go to the pumpkin patch on Saturday with your estranged family.


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