Let's not dilly dally...

Bronze - @JasonMattingley (BYU Fan)

This guy is every team's dream fan.

Even if you're sucking, he's going to find the silver lining. Why just sling a bunch of mud around on twitter during trying times? That's what everybody else is doing. Our Bronze medalist this week is about keeping it constructive!

Here's his tweet about BYU's worst defensive play of the year...

He didn't focus on the defensive end getting blown up, or the linebacker missing the tackle, his eyes were on Kaleb Hayes, the defensive back who ran 80 yards all the way to the end zone trying to make a play. Love it. This guy must be an awesome husband.

Silver - @JackDunbar10 (Utah State Fan)

If you're an Aggie fan, go follow @JackDunbar10. Dude is a true-blooded Scotsman and once again, optimism reigns supreme.

Going in to the Aggies game against Wyoming he said:

With USU on their 9th string quarterback, our silver medalist knew how important the run game would be with Calvin Tyler Jr. But that's not why he's on the podium. He's on the podium because after Tyler Jr. busted off a good run in the third quarter, @JackDunbar10 did the vaunted "self-quote tweet"!

We love this tactic and it will place you in the fan of the week discussion automatically. Aggies are luck to have the U state iceman

Gold - Breck Wegener (Utah Jazz Fan)

Here's the tweet that wins ya gold:

How lucky are the Jazz to have this guy in the fanbase?!

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