All Region 9 Football Team 2023


Crimson Cliffs 

Boston Adamson, Sr. WR

Jacob Zarate, Sr. OL

McKay Wright, Jr. LB

McCord Christiansen, Jr. RB

Jace Sweeten, Sr. DB

Malakai Alofipo, Jr. WR

Rowen Williams, Sr. OLB

Snow Canyon

Tag Gubler, Sr. OL

Tegun Whitehead, Sr. OLB

Rylan Filipe, Sr. OL

Talan Kelly, Sr. QB

Ryder Holt, Jr. LB

Desert Hills

Stewart Taufa, Jr. OL

Tytan Mason, Jr. RB

Ocean Taufa, So. DL

Cyrus Polu, Jr. ATH

Jagger Shotwell, Sr. MLB


Junior Coughlin, Jr. DB

Ran Sawyer, Jr. WR

Aisa Lopati, So. DL

Jaxon Barben, Sr. WR

Jake Dombroski, Sr. LB


Everett Kelling, So. QB

JT Jeter, Sr. WR

Koden Lunt, Sr. DL

Pine View

Quincy Jones, Sr. WR

Cameden Smith, Sr. OL


Kellan Pledger, Sr. LB

Find the full list of players including the second team selections and honorable mention players here:

Congratulations to all of the athletes selected. It was another awesome year of Region 9 Football!

It was another year packed with talent. Crimson Cliffs had a historically dominant season and deserves all of the recognition they're getting. All three MVPs (offense, defense, and overall) are from Crimson Cliffs this year, not to mention the kicker of the year. When you go undefeated in Region play and dominate they way they did that's to be expected.

I don't have a lot of qualms with the first and second team selections. I think it will be interesting to see who gets to nod for all state here in the next couple of weeks.

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