On Kedon Slovis 

"He had an absolutely insane freshman year. We all remember that at USC...he was a Heisman Trophy candidate coming into his sophomore year, but it's kind of been a little down since then.

"Guys like Aaron Roderick are betting that they can get more out of him than Pitt did this past season."

Quoting Locked on Pitt host: "Slovis played Tennessee, one of the best teams in the country last year...if Slovis had been fully healthy in that game Pitt may have won (Slovis sustained a concussion in the first half). In the first half Slovis was going toe-to-toe with Hendon Hooker."

"The problem was for every one of those games, there was another game where he didn't play to that level."

On Mark Pope

"I'm a big fan of Pope. He's a guy with an effervescent personality. He's not afraid to sell what BYU is. When he recruits guys he explains exactly what's expected of them as student athletes at BYU. He's very straight forward.

"The biggest thing he needs to find now is the balance between turning over the roster as often as he has, versus building more of a sustainable product with more four year guys. The transfer portal is always going to be apart of the conversation but it can't be the complete conversation as it has been the last couple of years in particular."

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