Dixie doesn't screw around.

Somehow they went to the state championship last year despite their star quarterback, Bronson Barben, being hurt for a lot of the season.

This year, the Flyers will have to replace Barben with either youngster Jalen Schultz, who got limited reps last year, or with the tough running Seth Takau.

Here are my thoughts about the Flyers this year:

This Isn't a Picnic

During 7-on-7, a Flyer player in charge of snapping the ball is doing it without a helmet.

Coach Monkres: "Put your helmet on. We're not having a picnic."

This made me laugh.

A linebacker comes up to Monkres in-between drills.

Linebacker: "How's it going, coach?

Monkres: "Good. I mean, not as good as you. I'm not 15 years old...but good.

Let's Talk Business

Coach Monkres didn't yell once at Dixie practice.

That struck me.

He has conversations with the quarterback or a lineman after the play but he didn't ever have to raise his voice. Everybody heard him.

Mason Kesterson = Problem

Mason Kesterson caught a pass during a live portion of practice and got hit hard twice but neither hit seemed to effect him, and he just kept running into the end zone. I assume coach Jolley has a lot of fun watching Kesterson. Having a big strong kid with great hands who can run down the seam is probably something that helps Monkres sleep well despite having questions at quarterback this year.

Tik, Tac, Takau

Seth Takau can beat you in three different ways.

We've seen him as a quarterback who nobody can tackle.

We've seen him as a running back who no one can tackle

And we've seen him as a pass catcher who no one can tackle.

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