As the old saying goes...Coach Croshaw could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves.

In Croshaw's case, however, he's not selling popsicles but football. And he has an amazing résumé doing so.

Croshaw is one of the greatest junior college football coaches to ever do it (2nd in all-time JC wins). He helped Dixie College become a national football powerhouse, and won national coach of the year eight times.

Though if you ask him, it was all about the players he was able to recruit. "I've never seen a Shetland pony win the Kentucky Derby..." is one of Croshaw's famous sayings.

Now, Croshaw, alongside Dave and Paul Arslanian, who are former Dixie College players and coaches, and sons of the legendary Sark Arslanian, are bringing junior college football back to St. George.


The team is called the "St. George Eagles" and they are looking to give local players who may not have received a scholarship opportunity out of high school the opportunity to continue their football dream and their scholastic career at the same time.


As Dave Arslanian pointed out in his speech,

"There's only one junior college football program remaining west of Kansas and outside of California (Snow College)."

For those that remember the glory days of Dixie College football this is unfathomable.

Arslanian listed off dozens of prominent people in the state of Utah and the world of football who are products of the junior college football system including NFL stars like Cory Dillon (Dixie College) and Aaron Rodgers (Butte College). He also mentioned the head coach at Utah Tech Paul Peterson (Snow College) and many others.

The St. George Eagles will play their season this fall with games scheduled against Snow College, NAIA schools, JC's from California and more.

For more information about the St. George Eagles, how to register as a player or donate visit

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