The insects are buzzing and if you’re anything like me, then aside from the occasional butterfly and bee, this is NOT a good thing. 

Yes, it's spring and that means that insects are in abundance in Utah. Keeping these pesky little guys away is a whole other issue. I enjoy having some critters like butterflies, ladybugs, moths even, and bees. I don’t do spiders, ants or roaches. Unfortunately, to keep the latter away, it’s an all or nothing ordeal.  

So as not to harm the “good insects” I looked for ways to implement natural pesticides.  

House Digest has a unique response to pests for your garden and home; orange peels. Though this might seem like an item that would attract MORE insects it does the opposite. In traditional science fashion, it’s the citrusy smell that insects can’t stand.  

So, you can cut up your orange peels or grind them and place them by the bottom of your plant or any entry way into your home.  

You can also boil the peels and make a sort of pest spray. Wonder if it works like mosquito spray... 

This method works on mosquitos, slugs, aphids, spiders, ants, house flies, and fleas. You can also use this little trick indoors but be careful that no pets are found chomping away on the orange peels.  

It’s also best to replace them regularly if you are going with the cut-up method. Having sunbeaten and moldy orange peel leftovers around or in your house is just gross.  


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