Starting in 1979, BYU went to the Holiday Bowl every year. They were ranked in the top 15 like seven years in a row and they went and played teams like Michigan and Miami and SMU and Washington State and Missouri. And then the next year in conference they had to play UTEP. They had to travel to El Paso to beat UTEP by 40 points. They had to play New Mexico. They beat UNM 65-0 in 1988. And then they'd go play in the Holiday bowl again. And everybody in the WAC hated BYU. They were the villain. They were the ones who were too good for the conference.

“We just got done beating Miami now we have to play Wyoming??”

They were above the WAC.

Does this sound familiar?

Yesterday the BIG 12 released its full 16 team football schedule for 2024. Who is the fanbase complaining about having to play in places like Orlando next Fall? it's not BYU fans. Everybody in the BIG 12 likes BYU. Somebody else has become the BYU of the conference. The villain. The team saying “we just got done playing Oregon and USC now we gotta play UCF?!”  Any guesses who that might be...


Utah fans are now the most annoying fans in the new BIG 12. And they'd better win the conference next year or there will be a lot of egg on their faces. Can Cam Rising play more than two games? Can they win on the road in Stillwater against Oklahoma State? Is the adjustment to all of these new conference teams can be tougher than they expect?

I think Utah can win the BIG 12 with this roster. But there's no question who the new villain of the conference is.

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