BYU has a historic line up of quarterback’s throughout the institutions history.

Some have had great success at the professional level, like Steve Young, a three-time super bowl champion.

Others have had quick, short, unimpactful careers at the pro level.

Some are still trying to figure out what the future holds.

With three former Cougar quarterbacks playing at the highest level, only one of them has really settled in.

Taysom Hill has found a Swiss army knife role in New Orleans and is one of the most exciting players to watch in the game.

Quarterback is a loose position for Hill as he only attempted 11 passes this past season, throwing for 83 yards and a touchdown.

That doesn’t mean he wasn’t used however as Hill racked up 81 carries for 401 yards and 26 first downs. Hill had 4 rushing touchdowns.

Adding to his resume was a year with 33 receptions for 291 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Long story short: Hill is a pure football player and they use him as such and will do so for a long time. Expect to see him make one big impact play once a week while watching Red Zone.

Jaren Hall, a rookie with the Minnesota Vikings, was selected 164th overall in the 5th round.

Hall was drafted with no expectations early on but due to a slew of injuries in Minnesota he would end up starting two games.

The first of which, in Atlanta, Hall impressed by leading a drive down the field before suffering a game ending concussion near the goal line.

He was 5/6 up to that point for 78 yards.

Minnesota looked elsewhere in the following weeks and it wouldn’t be until the tail end of the season where Hall would get another crack at it.

This game was less impressive as Green Bay forced the Vikings to bench Hall by halftime with a 5/10 67-yard, 1 interception stat line. Hall was sacked three times.

Despite no one knowing what Hall’s career will result in down the road, Jaren was never drafted to be a franchise player or even a starting quarterback in the NFL.

If he gets to that point, then he will have surely succeeded expectations. Hall was drafted as a project player, who could develop into a great backup or a career spot starting journeyman if things go well.

That’s not a slight on Hall, but rather the standard expectation of 5th round picks at the quarterback position.

Point being, if Hall succeeds than he is a feel-good story, if he fizzles out in a couple years, no one will think any less of him.

For Jets quarterback, Zach Wilson, success is expected, required even and anything less is unacceptable.

Wilson, the 2nd overall pick in 2021, was supposed to be a franchise cornerstone, someone to build around for years to come, the face of Jets football.

Rather, Wilson is likely to be traded away from a jets team who has lost trust in him and he in them.

Wilson’s awkward tenure in the big apple was rough with a current career stat line of a 23-25 touchdown to interception ratio and 6,293 yards.

Like every former first-round pick, there’s got to be one team out there who feels his potential is still untapped, his worth unnoticed.

For the aforementioned Cougar in Steve Young, he wants to see the young signal caller head to Hollywood.

While appearing on the Adam Schefter Podcast, Young voiced his support of Wilson reminding listeners they’ve seen flashes of his talent already.

Speaking on Wilson needing a helping hand, Steve laid out multiple teams with what he dubbed “innovative minds” who could help Wilson revitalize his career.

The Los Angeles Rams were the one team in Young’s eyes to top them all.

“To me, the place he needs to be is in LA. Go with Sean McVay. Follow (Matthew) Stafford and just sit there and watch the magic and then see if you can pick it up,” Young said. “If you can, then you can be one of the best because you have the talent for it. But he has to get to one of those spots.” (Krysyan Edler, Deseret news)

If Young was in Wilson’s position, there are 20 teams he would personally avoid playing for, five he’d be semi-interested in and seven he’d say, “Yes anyone of them. Get me there now.” (Krysyan Edler, Deseret news)

With the respect for Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford that Young seems to possess, it would be fun for both he and us as Utahns to seem him in a new spot, and the Rams may be the most refreshing one.

The Rams have a history of taking time to develop Quarterbacks before making a final verdict on that player, something New York didn’t seem to do, or at least, do properly.

In the past the Rams have had multiple quarterbacks start for consecutive years, giving them time to prove themselves.

Jim Everett started from 1988-1993.

Tony Banks started from 1996-1998

The legendary Kurt Warner started 1999-2001

Marc Bulger was the starter from 2002-2009.

Sam Bradford got four years form 2010-2013.

Jared Goff got 2017-2020.

Matthew Stafford is now headed into his 4th season with LA.

Some of these guys were all time greats, some were solid starters, and some were names you likely don’t remember, but through tier history the Rams have shown patience and that may be exactly what Zach Wilson needs.

Steve Young may be onto something here.

Where’s your ideal spot for Zach to end up?

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