1. Hot enough for ya?

2. It's cooler today than yesterday

3. If we just had a little breeze

4. Looks like rain

5. Did you turn the heat on?

6. Supposed to cool off this weekend

7. Cedar's up close to 100 today

8. Timp still has snow

9. Heard it's gonna rain overnight

10. Little muggy out

11. I'd take a sweatshirt just in case

12. Kill for some cloud cover

13. It's hot as s---

14. Liiiiittle toasty

15. This is unbearable

16. Weather can't make up it's mind today

17. Wake me up in September

18. Thinkin' about going to Pine Valley this weekend just to get out of this heat

19. I wanna jump in that pond

20. Wanna go inside?

21. How come the A/C isn't cold?

22. No, I don't want soup tonight

23. Honestly!

24. I'm literally dripping

25. Look for a spot with shade

26. Stay hydrated

27. We should roadtrip to Yellowstone

28. It's too hot for baseball

29. You're not from here? This is your first summer here? Really?? Oh...get ready

30. I need a shower

31. That's the difference between here and Northern Utah, up there it cools down at night so you can go outside, it doesn't do that here. It's still 100 degrees at 10pm

32. You should bring a hat

33. Leave the car on

34. DQ?

35. Shut the door when you come in

36. Can we go up to Seven Peaks?

37. Can we sneak into the pool at Tru by Hilton?

38. I'm going to stand with the freezer door open

39. I wish we had a basement

40. Look at those idiots golfing

Let me know any that we missed in the comments!

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