Ok, what is it?

Cheese Rolling?

The Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Event Celebrates The Queen's Platinum Jubilee
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No, although this would be great at Snowbird.

Europeans are underrated when it comes to how medievally insane they are.

Extreme ironing?

No, it's not that.

Who irons anymore? Don't you just take your shirts out of the dryer and hang them up?

Ironing is for suckers, right?

Face slapping?

No, but I would say this is the most gruesome sport there is surprisingly.

Boxing you have gloves, MMA you can defend yourself, football and hockey you wear pads.

Face slapping you just stand there and take a concussion like a man.


Yes, it's volleyball.

Per the Salt Lake Tribune: (full article here)

"Katlyn Gao, co-founder and CEO of LOVB (League One Volleyball), told The Salt Lake Tribune that Salt Lake is a 'growing city' that hit the mark in terms of youth participation, volleyball fandom in the market, and lack of saturation for the sport."

While LOVB is a professional league, it also has levels for youth and high school players. In their first year they had over 3,000 high school players participate.

Salt Lake City becomes the fourth team in the pro league that already has teams in Madison, Houston and Atlanta.

The state of Utah has one of the best college programs in the country year in and year out at BYU.

We'll see if this new league is able to grow as big as Katlyn Gao thinks it can:

“Our goal is nothing less than being the NBA of volleyball,” Gao said. “We know that it’ll take time for us to get there," (Salt Lake Tribune)

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