There are those that go through life with a general air of, "Can you believe we're having microwave pizza again?" These are the ones who grew up listening to the Goo Goo Dolls and punching their younger brothers in the arm on long road trips. You can see them in the kitchen at 6:35 a.m. shaking an empty box of Lucky Charms as if to say, "Why did you put this back in the pantry, butthead?"

When they grow-up they enlist in PTA's and fundraisers and they keep an eye out for skateboarders who loiter in church parking lots. They also put the kibosh on inappropriate Halloween decorations.

For example, somebody in Grantsville, Utah went ahead and ordered three skeletons at True Value and arranged them on a street corner as if they were at a strip club. Two men skeletons sit in lawn chairs, one holding a wad of cash. The third skeleton is dancing on the street sign as if it's a pole. Pretty creative.

But the city of Grantsville said "no thanks."


Apparently jokes like this aren't supposed to be done on city property.

Per u/CokeorPepsi6 on Reddit:

"There is a law that you can't attach anything to a street sign.

The law exists to prevent people from obstructing the sign which would have very real safety concerns (such as EMS trying to locale a house with an injured person).

This display does not obstruct the street sign, but the language of the law is probably that you can't attach anything to the sign, not just that you can't obstruct the sign. Laws tend to use language like that since attachment is more objective and easier to prove in court than obstruction which could be more subjective."

What are your thoughts?

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