I was in Vegas this past weekend. Watching basketball. Staying at a hotel. Eating wings and pizza and cheesecake factory, and covering the conference tournaments.

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Then Monday morning comes and it's all over. Very depressing.

The Monday after Christmas break is the worst day of the year for every kid in the country.


In sports, Black Monday in the NFL is gruesome. Coaches getting whacked after poor seasons.

The Monday after the Super Bowl for Matt Ryan several years ago had to be one of the toughest Monday wake ups of all time.

Greg Norman's Monday wake up on April 15th, 1996 had to have been brutal.

But all of these pale in comparison to Mid-March Monday morning.

Mark Madsen. UVU. Won the WAC regular season. Up on SUU by 20+ points in the second half of the WAC tournament, everybody's talking about you being the next coach for every program in the country.

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And then you choke like a dog. Lose on a 4 point play at the end of the game. You woke up this morning after selection sunday in the pits of hell. March Madness is the greatest party in sports.

1) because everybody watches. your aunt, your co worker secretary, everybody has a bracket

2) it's not exclusive. College football is super exclusive not fun. College baseball only let's 8 teams come to the College World Series.

But 64 teams are generously invited to the big dance. It's the only part of the college basketball season people care about and you woke up outside of the party. That's pain...SUU same deal. Utah, BYU, Weber, Utah Tech...only one in state school gets to dance. It's a tough monday.

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