Most fanbases have a famous superfan. Ohio State has the bald guy with the painted head. "Big Nut."

There's Darth Raider and the black hole at Raiders' games.

The Hoggettes at Redskins' games.

Fireman Ed at Jets' games.

And they dress up and scream and the camera is on them a lot. But the truth is these guys do very little to effect the game itself. Fans at football games are in 80 thousand seat stadiums. At Happy Valley at Penn State or even at Rice-Eccles the fans might cause the opposition to jump offsides once or twice because you're really loud. Not a huge deal. 

The only sport where you as a fan actually affect whether your team wins or loses. Is high school and college basketball.

New Mexico v San Diego State
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I was watching Utah State last night. They're 13-1. One of the best teams in the West and they're playing an average team in their conference and Utah State are the underdogs in Vegas! All because they're in Albuquerque and they're playing in the PIT.

Whenever people talk about New Mexico basketball, they never talk about the roster or Richard Pitino or anything other than The PIT. UNM was 15-5 last year at home and 5-6 on the road.

How about BYU at the Marriott center last night taking on big bad Iowa State. ISU has the best defense in the BIG 12. BYU hits 13 threes! Won by 15.

College basketball fans matter. Football is becoming a watch from your couch sport. You don't matter. College basketball you do and they're dying to have you there. 

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