By Andy Thompson, ESPN 977

Ty West is a Game Breaker

How many times have we seen it this year? Watch:

There's nothing to get a team going in the playoffs like a kickoff returned for a touchdown. The game was over after this play. Ridgeline didn't score again.

West also had a long TD catch in this game and has proven to be one of the most electrifying players in the state this year.

Cyrus Polu is just Scratching the Surface

Polu's back-to-back interceptions in the second half against Mountain Crest turned the game on a dime for Desert Hills. Mountain Crest played a physical game, but were also throwing the ball effectively in the first half. The Mustangs quarterback, Casey Crofts, was 8-13 in the first half but everything changed in the third quarter.

Polu caught his first interception and ran away with it like he was Ed Reed. Usually linebackers can't run like that, especially as 10th graders. Here's Polu after the game:

He's been awesome on offense in the red zone all year too. Whether he blocks, leaks out and catches a pass or runs it in, like he did on Saturday, he is a dynamic weapon for the Thunder on both sides of the ball.

Alofipo vs Berry

How awesome is this gonna be? Here's a shower thought from last week about these two "defensive minded" coaches...

I think this game is gonna be one for the ages.

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