By Andy Thompson, ESPN 977

Here are my three things for Crimson Cliffs fans leading up to their matchup with a really tough Ridgeline Riverhawks team this Saturday:

1. You have Steele Barben

We should have known.

In the preseason discussion, the book on Crimson Cliffs was that they had a super young defense and a first year starting quarterback with a really good last name. They weren't supposed to be the top team in region this year or the #1 seed, but here we are. Their defense has been tremendous, and Barben has been a star.

"Steele has improved in his understanding and I.Q. of defenses," said Coach Wayne Alofipo. " He's settling in on our scheme and philosophy and trusting his reads. Steele also has a calm composure about him that allows him to be patient in the pocket and keep his eyes down field."

Watch this play!

2. Ridgeline can Pressure with 3

Somehow Ridgeline did three things at once defensively against Snow Canyon last week. They pressured the quarterback, they covered the receivers, and they didn't allow Hunter Johnson to escape the pocket and kill them with his feet.

When you consider Snow Canyon's offense had been one of the most dynamic in the state, with so many weapons to worry about, the Riverhawks made everything difficult.

Their defense has a lot in common with Crimson Cliffs'.

"They are disciplined," said Alofipo. "They don't give up big plays and tackle really well! They are strong at the linebacker position...and in their trenches."

3. "He's a Freshman" clap clap clap

Ridgeline's freshman quarterback has been a gamer. Crimson Cliffs definitely has the advantage at the position, but Nate Dahle has been playing really well. He was accurate on the run last week. He made several good throws down field, and he has two great athletes to throw to in #3 Carson Cox  and #1 Jackson Olsen. If it comes down to a two minute drill, advantage Crimson with Barben and his million good receivers he can throw to. But Dahle has shown he's ready to win big games.

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