The PAC 12 is in the midst of one of the most embarrassing media rights deals in history.

As of now, nobody is sure where fans will be able to watch PAC 12 football after this next season. Will it be ION TV or The CW? Some other embarrassing network? Amazon or Apple?

We've been waiting for months for an announcement.

We finally got something from the PAC 12 today, but it's about this upcoming season.

The PAC 12 has games on ESPN and Fox in 2023 and they are going to make the broadcasts a lot more fun.

Per a press release from the PAC 12:

"In an effort to deliver fans unprecedented access and enhanced entertainment within broadcasts, the Pac-12 Board of Directors has approved a series of football broadcast initiatives that will bring fans closer to head football coaches and student-athletes than ever before.  The access initiatives, developed alongside ESPN and FOX Sports and supported by Pac-12 football head coaches during the Conference’s recent Spring Council meetings, follow a history of production innovation through the Conference’s own Pac-12 Networks telecasts."

(Link to full article)

The new broadcast features will include, pregame and halftime locker room access, coaches and select players being mic'd up, and cameras on coaches in the pressbox.

Some of these things aren't that cutting edge, but it's more than PAC 12 fans have been getting.

I like anything that puts a mic on players or coaches is a good thing.

The PAC 12 needs to take advantage of having one final season on real TV networks before descending into the duldrums of whatever third rate network they'll be on going forward.

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