Alright! We're rehashing a shower thought today. Last year at this time we gave you our Godfather teams heading in to week one. Godfather is one of the greatest movies ever because they put the whole movie on the line in the first 30 minutes. The writers took their best, most compelling character, Sonny played by James Caan and they kill him. Huge risk. What are you gonna do for the next two and a half hours of this epic movie? Nobody does that! It took guts and it paid off

So this year, who in college football is putting their seasons on the line in week one? Here's the criteria to be considered a Godfather team...

You have to be a Top 25 team who is playing good out of conference opponent where the spread is 14 points or less. Most top 25 teams play cupcakes week one as a warm up game where the spread is somewhere in the 30's. 

Here are this years Godfather teams:

#14 Washington vs Boise State (+14)

Good for Washington putting Boise on the schedule. Always a tough game and especially week one in a year when the Huskies have really high hopes and one of the best quarterbacks in the country in Michael Penix Jr.

#5 LSU vs #8 Florida State (+2.5)

Both of these teams make the grade. Only top ten matchup of week one. Very impressive.

#21 North Carolina vs South Carolina (+2.5)

I understand it's a rivalry game (kindof) but still, they didn't have to do it first Saturday in September. Guts.

#13 Utah vs Florida (+4)

Boom. Let's go Utes!

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