As Collin Sexton’s three ball attempt clanged off the back iron at the same time the clock struck zero, Jazz fans were left with another discouraging feeling of defeat.

The 140-137 loss was tough to handle, and the 4th consecutive loss that has struck Utah. But unlike the three priors, this loss had some things to be optimistic about.

Jazz fans could appreciate the effort and passion, displayed as the Jazz rallied from a 12-point deficit with 4:30 to go.

You can appreciate the hard charge from Lauri Markkanen and Collin Sexton combining for 27 of Utah’s 35 points in the 4th.

Especially after Markkanen was held in check the previous three quarters with 5 total points.

You can be amazed by Keyonte George dropping 33 points, gong 9/16 from downtown and shooting 50 percent on the night.

The rookie was in his bag, not only shooting at a high level, but dropping 6 dimes and recording 3 steals.

These things should hold some value, and were a sign of life in a team that has been sleep walking the past three contests.

Regardless, its still a loss. A loss suffered after watching your young backcourt combine for 68 points between George and Sexton.

Despite the offense returning to life and the reemergence of intensity and drive, the Jazz still are absolutely atrocious in one single thing.

Defense. The answer is defense.

By no means have the Jazz been a defensive juggernaut for any prolonged amount of time, but they’ve never been this atrocious.

Looking at last nights game, the Warriors had scored 84 points by halftime.

That’s the highest scoring first half for Golden State this year.

On the flip side, that’s history in Utah.

The crazy thing is, these teams played each other twice within a 4 days span.

In the first matchup, Golden State hit 20 threes on 44 attempts, so you would expect the Jazz to adjust accordingly and be better prepared.

Instead, Golden State hit 20 threes’ again, and did it on a better percentage, going 20/42 this go around.

Want another example?

Klay Thompson is averaging 17.3 PPG this year, and was just relegated to a bench role as his abilities slip with age.

Thompson has 61 points against the Jazz this week in the two games.

He just scored 35 last night. His previous season high was 30.

The Jazz can’t get out of their own way, or more precisely in the way of anyone else.

The Atlanta Hawks are the bottom team In the NBA in terms of points allowed, sitting right at 123.9 points given up a night.

In the last 4 games, the Jazz have given up an average of 129.

In the last three games, Utah has given up 135.7 points a night.

The Jazz haven’t been bad, they haven’t been the worst, they’ve been a couple of notches below the worst.

Add insult to injury, three of these performances have happened on your home floor, in front of one of the best crowds in the association.

No one can say if its an issue of effort, a problem within the rotation, a scheme problem, or a roster incapable of defending.

Whatever the “issue” is, this isn’t acceptable for any team at a professional level.

The Jazz are broken right now, and whatever the youth does, or the offense rolls out, count on it being overshadowed by what is quickly becoming the softest defense in the league.

If you have a hard time seeing the Jazz, its because they sit at the very bottom of the chart, being an offensive positive and a defensive atrocity over the last ten games.

The Jazz defense has been so bad you literally have to click on the chart to see the whole picture.

The good news? It cant get any worse.


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