IN-N-OUT is the greatest company in the world. 

I've never worked there but I spend 40 hours a week eating there.

I'm currently listening to a book about IN-N-OUT because I'm obsessed with how well they run their business and how they refuse to sellout or franchise.

One surprising thing I learned about the employees uniforms is that the males aren't allowed to wear the baseball caps, only the females. I don't know how I didn't notice this earlier.

The girls wear these hats:

YouTube | Mashed
YouTube | Mashed

And the guys wear these:

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Youtube | Mashed

The guys aren't allowed to wear the baseball style hats unless they're outside and need protection from the sun.

I think the idea is that someone who is humble enough to wear the white paper hat is more likely to be a good friendly server. He's putting his own image below his purpose which is to serve you a double-double with a smile.  If it's a dude wearing a baseball hat it doesn't send the same message.

I would trust IN-N-OUT employees to do anything including replacing the entire house of representatives. They are incredible at what they do and deserve our admiration. Many of them work their way up at IN-N-OUT and become managers and make awesome careers for themselves.

My understanding is that Harry and Esther Snyder had no intention of making so many IN-N-OUT restaurants, except when they had so many employees grow within the company who wanted to be managers, so the Snyder's had to make more restaurants. The veteran employees didn't want to leave the company they wanted to make it their career. What other fast food restaurant has that many employees that never want to leave? That's pretty amazing.

7 Menu Hacks to Use at Colorado In-N-Outs

There really isn't a lot on that basic menu you see when you walk in or hit the drive-thru at In-N-Out. You need to get "hip" to what you can order; it could mean the difference between "not caring," "liking," and "loving" the place.

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

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