I grew up in Northern Illinois.

And there was one rule there that nobody broke, because it was a cardinal sin if you did.

And the rule was...don't wear a Packers Starter jacket.

There was one kid in my school who was inexplicably a Packers fan.

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It was the late nineties and the Packers were good and the Bears sucked, and he showed up to class in a Packers coat.

He was ostracized!

Cheesehead scum!

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Illinois is a very liberal state, but when it comes to sports, they're very conservative.

They don't put up with crap.

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There are very defined boundaries. If you live South of the Loop, you're a White Sox fan. If you live south of Springfield...you're a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

It's not up for debate. Your zip code determines who you cheer for just like it determines where you go to school. Don't deviate or you'll get hammered. Illinois is ruthless with that.

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Utah is a conservative state, but when it comes to pro sports teams we're a bunch of hippies! In St. George, we live five seconds from the Arizona border, yet you've never met or seen an Arizona Diamondbacks or Arizona Cardinals fan. You see Braves, A's, Mets, Cubs, Cardinals, Angels, Dodgers.

"Hey, you wanna cheer for the Brewers and you live in La Verkin? Cool dude. Hang loose!"


You're a Cowboys fan even though you've never been to Texas, and The Broncos are only a seven hour drive?...cool you're accepted here! Bring your Starter jacket! Peace and love!

Utah's a professional sports safe space!

Everybody is accepted.

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