Andrei Kirilenko is probably a top 10 all-time most beloved Jazz player ever right?

Stockton, Malone, Thurl, pre-blow-up Deron, Memo...AK is right there.

Here are his top 5 plays as a Jazz man culminating with what I think is his best play ever.

5 - The fake behind the back pass to Okur and dump off to Boozer

This is the second play they show in the clip below...

Kirilenko's passing ability in transition was unbelievable.

4 - This is one of the coolest plays ever. Double behind the back passes...

Another awesome unselfish play from AK. I think he's maybe most known for his shot blocking ability, but his passing is a close second.

3 - This is unfortunately one of the most famous Kirilenko plays

Hate to do it on a highlight reel for him, but this is the most famous "Lowlight" of his career. Nothing to be ashamed of it's just a really famous play.

I loved this playoff season. Golden State was such a fun team to watch and the Jazz put an end to their Cinderella run, but this was the best play of the postseason and unfortunately AK was postered.

2 - Here's an array of plays that showcase his passing ability, dunking, blocking

1 - Blocking Kobe four times in 90 seconds

Last one was called for a foul but who cares still counting it.

A lot of people say that Kirilenko would have flourished even more in today's NBA because of how perimeter oriented it's become. But I don't know I think his game would fit in any era.

Love it!


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