The 4A State Baseball Tournament is down to the final three teams.

Tune-in tonight on ESPN 97.7 for the semi-final between Crimson Cliffs and Dixie at 7pm.



Here are my thoughts:

Good on Southern Utah

Kudos to Southern Utah for providing all three of the remaining teams in the 4A State Baseball tournament.


Snow Canyon, Crimson Cliffs, Dixie.

Southern Utah has won the last seven state championships and is guaranteed to make it eight in row this year.

Good on the RPI

Kudos to the RPI for getting the top four teams seeded correctly.

Mountain Crest has been eliminated as the 4-seed, but the RPI got the top 4 teams to the semifinals.

We make fun of the RPI a lot, but it always seems that at the end of the tournament the top seeded teams are the ones that are left.

Comeback Warriors

Snow Canyon is having a special tournament. Who would have thought that the #1-seed would have to come back in all three of their tournament games.

All of their horses have come through in big ways.

Ryder Harrison had the walkoff in night one Crew Secrist has hit lasers all tournament.

Sam Lindsey rocked a triple in the gap to give them the lead against Mountain Crest and Hayden Smith hit the go-ahead double in their second game against Mountain Crest.

Trey Evans is BACK

Crimson Cliffs is on a roll after losing on Monday. A big part of their success is having Trey Evans in the lineup. He was getting walked almost every time he came to the plate early in the tournament and then got five extra base hits in a row. This kid is a killer!

Consistent Flyers

The Flyers have nine tough outs in their lineup.

They lost to Crimson Cliffs last night because Crimson was hammering everything, but Dixie will be back tonight ready to roll.

It will be interesting to see which pitchers we see with the state championship on the horizon for both of these teams...


The Kennecott Copper Mine in Herriman Utah is the world's largest man-made hole in the ground. It's like the Grand Canyon but without all that "nature" crap.

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