St. George has won eight state championships in a row in high school baseball.

Here's the list:



2020-21 - SNOW CANYON

2019-20 - COVID

2018-19 - DESERT HILLS

2017-18 - DIXIE

2016-17 - DIXIE

2015-16 - PINE VIEW

2014-15 - PINE VIEW

And had there been a championship in the COVID year, a team from Southern Utah would have won it.

The last non-St. George school to win was Grantsville in 2013-14.

This has been an amazing run but it's going to get more difficult (and more interesting) next season.

The 5A State Baseball Tournament just ended this past weekend.

Of the final eight teams in the bracket, three of them are moving to 4A next year, including the State Champion Timpanogos Timberwolves.

The other two teams are Orem and Jordan.

Timpanogos was the #2 seed in the tournament and beat Lehi 8-1 in the deciding game three of the championship series.

The Timberwolves head coach is the renowned Kim Nelson who has now won seven titles at Timpanogos, and told The Herald Extra what makes the program so special:

"Fundamentals and family.

Those were the hallmarks of the 2023 Timpanogos baseball team, the things that kept the Timberwolves on track and eventually resulted in winning the program’s seventh state title.

'This is the best one right now,' Timpanogos head coach Kim Nelson said with a smile." (Link to Full Article)

I think this is going to be awesome. In the majority of 4a state championship games over the past several years it's been two St. George schools playing against each other. Having more teams and really good programs added to the classification will make the postseason more fun.

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