What is this a joke? I thought we were going through a record heat wave five minutes ago and now it's snowing in Utah? Help me understand, I'm confused and sweating in St. George, Utah.

According to Fox Weather:

"As millions spent Labor Day at the beach, freshly fallen snow was dusting the mountains in Utah for the holiday weekend, giving a taste of winter.

Snowbird Mountain Resort in Utah shared photos of fresh powder on Monday, the first of the fall season for the ski resort. Utah Department of Transportation cameras also recorded wintry weather at Bald Mountain Pass. (Full article)

This early of a snow fall can only mean one thing...Gwyneth Paltrow is gonna get sued again this winter. That's our version of Groundhog's Day.

Here's what people are saying:

"It is ONLY Labor Day.  What does this mea for our Winter Weather Future Forecast for the Wasatch Front and the Uintah's this year.  Are we looking at another 900 inch Snow Year?" asked @Jeffreylemberger34

@GeoSeekerGal responded by saying

"And nature's weather just keeps rollin' along. It doesn't hesitate, ruminate or discriminate. It just "is" and will always be. Oh, but never underestimate this force so great! Let's take a moment, one and all, to elate and celebrate this mighty magistrate!"

This is why Utah has the best snow on Earth. While everybody else is sitting in sweltering heat watching Al Gore documentaries, we're waxing up our skis and getting ready to jump in a lift.

For more weather information keep it tuned right here, or message in the comments and I'll send you my aunt Claudia's number.

When Colorado Cities Can Expect First Snow Fall of 2023

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Here's a look at a number of records for the earliest measurable snowfalls around Colorado. Information comes courtesy of the National Weather Service, Extreme Weather Watch, and 9News.

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