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Tony Altimore joined The Andy Thompson Show on Tuesday. Here's what he had to say:

On the University of Utah "doing the math":

"If you really do the math, if you're (University of Utah President) President Randall, really the PAC 12 [media rights deal] could pay zero dollars, and Utah would be better off in the PAC 12. Because of the research support services that they receive from the University of California and the University of Washington in particularly.

And so that's why you heard President Robbins from Arizona say "nobody's going to move for a few million bucks.'"

"President Randall from Utah said the other day, that they have more deposits in for next year's class than they have ever had in history. And this is at a time when overall enrollment across the country is declining. Utah is on an academic ascendancy. As long as there is a Cal and a Washington and a Stanford to be paired with, Utah has no interest in Central Florida and Iowa State and Texas Tech."

On the BIG 10 getting Cal and Stanford:

"There is a real fear that somehow, Cal and Stanford will find their way to the BIG 10. If that were to happen, that would change that academic math dramatically. So do they have a contingency plan? Absolutely. Do they talk to these other people? Yeah, they talk to them. Are they planning to move? No.

The BIG 10 door is not open to anyone right now. The BIG 10 presidents right now have been clear that they have no intention of letting anyone else in at this time."

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