The Vegas Golden Knights stomped the Dallas Stars last night in Dallas, and I'm ticked.

It all started when Stars captain Jamie Benn got thrown out of the game for cross-checking Mark Stone.

A clear 5-minute major penalty and the guy definitely deserved to be tossed.

Then things got out of hand.

Fans started throwing crap onto the ice.

Popcorn at players, garbage, bottles etc...

There are only a few things that are okay to throw onto the ice during a hockey game: your hat (in the case of a hat trick) or an octopus. 

Fans that throw stuff onto the field of play are an embarrassment and need to be banned. Dallas should have to play game 4 in an empty arena.

Here's some other embarrassing fan moments:

Disco Demolition

This is the worst maybe of all-time. Any time there's a fire on the field...

attachment-White sox demolition

Cubs' bleacher bums throw stuff a lot

Drunken fans in the bleachers throw stuff onto the field all the time.

It's slowed down a little now that the Cubs are not terrible, but for like 90 years this stuff happened constantly.

Ole Miss fans last year

Just some hillbilly students throwing beer bottles onto the field after a questionable call. In a way I respect it because PAC 12 fans don't care enough to throw garbage on the field.

It just means more in the SEC!

At least when fans get drunk and run onto the field it's entertaining for everyone. But throwing stuff is the worst. Dallas needs to be shamed.

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