Did Zach Wilson betray BYU?

The short answer is "yes."

BYU and Aaron Roderick and COVID are the ones responsible for getting Wilson drafted #2 overall.

And now, when they needed him most, he tells his brother that Utah's offense "is probably one of the best and closest offenses he’s seen to the NFL that we visited. And he just loved it."

What the heck, Zach.

Don't you remember?

What about the offense you ran against Troy! You put up 48 points!

What about the offense you ran against Louisiana Tech! 45 points!

What about the offense you ran against Texas State! 52 points!

And North Alabama! 66 points!

And College of Hemophiliacs! 71 points!

I'm sorry this offense isn't "advanced" enough for you now that you're a big NFL star and hanging out with Aaron Rodgers.

This would be like if Jimmer told his little brother to go play point guard for the LIV Tour. 

Isaac Wilson, Zach's little brother committed to the University of Utah a week or so ago. Per the Deseret News, he said: (link)

'“So we got the approval from Zach and after that, I just made the decision. Utah is great school, really competitive, and everything you would want.”'

Isaac Wilson said that even though he’s spent the last five years watching his brothers play for BYU, he never stopped being a Utah fan. As has been well-documented, his father, Mike Wilson, played defensive line for the Utes in 1993-94 and the family had season tickets to Utah games at Rice-Eccles Stadium next to the family of head coach Kyle Whittingham." (Deseret News)

Cougar Nation can't be happy about this...

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