Zach Wilson is a Jet no more.

Shuttled out of the Big Apple and on his way to the rocky tops, a fresh start awaits the former BYU star.

New Coaches, teammates, fans, scenery and above all, a clean slate will put a heavy collection of eyes on Wilson once more.

Whether you’re a fan of the Jets, BYU, or football as a whole, you certainly have had the thought flash across your mind: “Zach Wilson is a bust.”

Some believe that full heartedly, others are still holding out hope it is the fault of the New York Jets, but the time for debate is no more.

With the new transaction, it is now put up or shut up time for Wilson’s career status as a quarterback in the National Football League.

Wilson’s new squad, the Denver Broncos, haven’t had a winning season in 7 years’ time.

Since winning a super bowl in 2015, Denver has won 52 games in 131 tries for only about a 40 percent winning percentage.

13 different quarterbacks have started a game for this team since Peyton Manning retired in 2016.

The current Broncos roster has no promising/high upside rookie (barring whatever they do with the 12th overall pick in the 2024 draft.)

The current Broncos roster has no established veteran with a combined 5 starts between the two other rostered quarterbacks.

Those other quarterbacks in Mile High are Jarrett Stidham and Ben DiNucci.

Stidham finished last season in Denver as the starter after the benching of Russell Wilson, starting two contests.

Going 1-1, Stidham lead the team to a 16-9 victory over the lowly Chargers behind a 20/32, 224-yard, 1 touchdown stat line.

He also lost in Las Vegas, 27-14, while going 20/34 for 272 yards and a 1-1 touchdown to interception ratio.

While showing flashes here and there, Stidham’s 1-3 starting record and 8 touchdowns to 8 interceptions doesn’t necessarily scream “franchise quarterback.”

Not to say Stidham isn’t worthy of the starting spot, or hasn’t worked to get to where he is.

He certainly has intriguing talent that teams should do their homework on, but Stidham was never pegged to be a franchise quarterback as a 4th round pick.

Basic math would tell you that if everything was as expected in the world, a first-round, 2nd overall pick should be better than a 4th round selection.

But nothing goes as expected in the world, and Wilson will have to claw and scrap to rise up the depth chart VS Stidham, who the Broncos have no problem giving extended run too.

Afterall, Denver was the team that paid Stidham last offseason to come in when Wilson was already on shaky ground, so they clearly have no qualms testing the waters with him if need be.

Ben DiNucci, a 7th round pick of Dallas in 2020, has one start of his own, going 0-1, losing to Philadelphia in prime time.

DiNucci hasn’t taken an NFL snap since 2020, when he went 23/43 for 219 yards.

He has never thrown a touchdown, and to his credit never thrown an interception at the highest level of football.

DiNucci, after being released by Dallas after spending time on the practice squad, would lead the XFL in passing yards in 2023.

His XFL performances were enough to land him with the Broncos practice squad, and as one of the three quarterbacks currently on Denver’s roster.

So, football fans, this isn’t about Jarrett Stidham or Ben DiNucci, who all could carve out stellar careers.

This isn’t about the Denver Broncos in their desperate search for a signal caller.

This is about Zach Wilson, and having a prime opportunity to be the starting quarterback on a team.

Not only to be the starting quarterback on a team, but an unquestioned starter, with no rumors, distractions or doubters.

Whether his career rights itself or not, is to be seen.

Wilson may never be what was expected of him when he came out of BYU.

Whether you have faith in his talent, potential or ability no longer matters.

His current situation will dissolve faith and turn it into trust or show that faith was misplaced.

If Zach Wilson can’t step into the current Broncos situation, and emerge as the clear starter come week one, then its fair to say to that the former Cougar has officially, undeniably, without a doubt hit the “bust” category.

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