In 1964 the Buffalo Bills were dominant.
They had Jack kemp at quarterback who threw for 2200 yards and 13 TD.
They had Cookie Gilchrist at running back who went for 981 yards.
Nobody could touch them. They started the season 9-0 beating the Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers, Raiders Oilers, Jets. They finished the season 12-2.
But nobody cared.
They didn't get to play for the world championship because they weren't in the NFL. They were in the AFL. There was no super bowl. So they had a great season that nobody cared about. It wasn't until 1967 that the first super bowl was played and not until 1970 when the NFL and AFL merged and every team had a shot to win a super bowl.
That 1970 merger season in professional football is the 2024 season upcoming in college football.
Utah, you won your conference two years in a row, like the Buffalo Bills in 1964 and 65, and you didn't get invited to the playoffs. Nobody on the national stage cared about your season.
Arizona State v Utah
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BYU you went 10-1 in 2020 and weren't invited to the playoffs, nobody cared about your season.
BYU v Texas
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That all ends this upcoming year. You win your conference you're in. It doesn't matter if you have a loss or two. You take second in your conference you've still got a shot. Utah State you go 12-0 you're in!
Utah and BYU it's your liberation week. The tyranny of the BCS and 4-team College Football Playoff is dead.
There should be dancing in the streets this week for mid tier college football programs. The merger has happened. You've been masquerading as big time programs for years. But now you actually have a shot to get invited to the party.
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