Dixie Flyers (20-3, 11-1) at Crimson Cliffs Mustangs (13-7, 7-4) - ESPN 97.7 and WATCH HERE

Last Time...

EPIC game.

Dixie beat Crimson 43-42.

The Mustangs had a good look at a three at the end to win the game that barely missed.

Kyle Lemke had 21 points and shot 50% from the field. Amazingly, that should be considered a win for Crimson Cliffs. Lemke missed nine shots. That never happens. Houston Johnsen, Sean Felts, Phoenix McWillis. Jordan Eaton are one of the biggest front courts in the state. We'll see if they can "contain" Lemke again tonight.

Crimson only shot four free throws in that game. They need to shoot 10 or more tonight I think. Eaton should be able to get there a handful of times and Luke Johnson, when he is playing downhill, is somebody who can get there. I understand Lemke is a deterrent to slashers when he's in the paint, but Crimson has enough guys who can finish that they shouldn't be hesitant to attack, even though Lemke had five blocks last time they played.

Star Watch...

Crimson's Jordan Eaton.

Eaton is the Dirk Nowitzki of Region 10, if Dirk had Charles Barkley's mentality.

I can't believe the shots Eaton makes over the top of people. It doesn't matter if the defender is chest to chest with Eaton 20 feet from the basket, Eaton can make that shot over the top.

I think it's obvious he needs to have another great game to get the upset tonight for the Mustangs.


Dixie's John Southwick.

Dixie only made two threes in the first matchup.

Crimson is tenacious on closeouts and it's hard to get good looks, but somebody like Southwick who is great at setting up in transition for threes, and catch and shoots from the wing on kick outs needs to put a few down tonight on the road.


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