One of the cushiest jobs ever used to be franchise owner of a big fast food restaurant chain. You bought a couple locations in your town of a proven winner like Dairy Queen or Subway or Burger King and you hired a bunch of teenagers and you got all of the product and training and then you sat back and rake it in for eternity. 

Then something happened a few years ago…and it ruined the job. 

Fast food employees are now demanding $20 an hour, or they're leaving every few weeks for another place, or they're staying at home period. There’s not enough workers. So every month, what used to be a cush job where you could golf a lot, is now a stressful pain in the butt where you've gotta constantly be re-staffing, and hustling to survive. 

This is why for the first time ever, I think the NFL is a better job than College Football coach. 

Jim Harbaugh...go to the NFL! Your throne in Ann Arbor is no longer the cushiest job in sports. Not even close. You're players are demanding high salaries that you have to go and fundraise, your players can leave for higher wages other places, and the courts are now saying they can leave as many times as they want. Plus, you've got the bureaucracy of the NCAA breathing down your neck. Go to the NFL. There's more pressure, but Justin Herbert can't leave you...he has to play for you! You don't have to recruit all year long. You don't have to suck up to slimy NIL collectives. Go to the NFL. Amazingly, you're more protected there than college football. 

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