I was in Mesquite this weekend with my wife at the Eureka with some friends. And we were celebrating my buddy's wife's birthday. We were all set up with about $50 bucks each and we were gonna do blackjack, roulette, hold 'em, slots, everything.

We played for about two hours and lost everything. Not one of us won anything significant. At roulette every time we put it on red it was black. Slots are stupid and ate up all of our money. And at the end my wife was like, I don't understand why anybody does this. This was horrible.

The house was too dominant that night. It gave us no hope and my wife won't be going back. This is why casinos have to give out a big score every once in a while to some schmo. They put his face on the billboards all over town. "This dope won 10 grand at bingo!" or "This lady hit the jackpot for 20 grand at the Virgin River! And you can too!"

That's what the NFL is hoping for this Sunday, to give hope to the rest of the league! So they keep coming back to the casino next season.

The last 5 super bowls have been won by the House (super star quarterbacks). Mahomes (best quarterback talent ever), Stafford (number one pick on a stacked offense), Tom Brady (best ever), Mahomes again, Brady again. The house is dominating. The NFL is dying for a schmo to win to give hope to the rest of the league. To keep them trying. They need a Nick Foles, they need a Joe Flacco, they need a Brock Purdy to put up on the billboards.

"This guy with a stain on his shirt from the seafood buffet just won 10 grand. Your loser team can too! You don't need Mahomes you don't need Brady. You can do it!"

Who are you betting on? 

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