There's a point in Taken 3, the Liam Neeson movie, where the Russians got Liam all tied up in a cellar. And he's handcuffed and they're torturing him and laughing at him and stuff and everybody in the movie theater is rolling their eyes.

And if you could go and talk to the villains and reason with them you would say listen, you gotta shoot Liam now. And they'd say no, no, we want to hold him hostage or get a ransom or get information or torture him. And you'd say, no shoot him now! Why? Because you're in a Liam Neeson movie! In fact you're in the trilogy so it should be abundantly clear to you at this point you need to shoot. You have your gun he's tied up your only chance is to shoot him now.

This is what I was yelling at Kyle Shanahan last night.

"You're in a Patrick Mahomes movie!"

Don't kick a field goal. You're the nervous coach they cut to in the movie with his play sheet over his mouth, sweating. You'll be played by Jeremy Strong from Succession. You're gonna go up by three points. You're gonna allow Mahomes to get the back ball back only down three! You're in a Patrick Mahomes movie! You gotta shoot him.

You're the blonde girl in the bikini going for a night swim. You're in a JAWS movie and you're not the shark. Don't kick field goals!

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