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What a horrible weekend. Utah got clown-suited from the first snap at home where they hadn't lost in 18 straight games. Bo Nix and the boys were surgical and I don't know that Utah fans got to cheer one time in that game.

Oregon v Utah
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Bryson Barnes is a folk hero but not a guy who's going to lead Utah to its third straight PAC 12 title. We'll see if the Utes give Brandon Rose a look this weekend against Arizona State.


BYU has severe "why aren't you Ty Detmer?" syndrome. They're like: "Stop playing like Kedon Slovis, Kedon Slovis!"

BYU v Arkansas
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There was a preseason agreement between Slovis and BYU. BYU would hire Slovis to come in and help them try and get 5-6 wins in their first year in the BIG 12. Slovis is doing that. Getting smacked by Texas was expected

BYU and Utah's Future

BYU and Utah fans need to look at the prestige schools leaving the BIG 12 and the PAC 12 folding as a good thing.

Let Texas and Oregon go and compete in the harder division and let us play in this lesser conference with better odds at getting into the playoff.

BYU v Texas
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College basketball is all about just getting into the tournament. Who cares what conference you're in? If you're Gonzaga, all that matters to you is getting into March Madness, not that you don't get to play in the best basketball conference in the country.

Tom Brady played in the weakest division in the NFL for his whole career. He didn't want to go anywhere else. It got him to the playoffs and that's all that mattered.

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