This one hurt.

They say "don't meet your heroes," but, worse than meeting them is finding out that they're a Lakers fan.

I understand, if you met somebody that you'd always looked up to and they were a jerk that would be tough.

For example, these kids trying to get Mike Trout's autograph*:

But finding out they cheer for the Lakers? Much worse.

That's what happened to many Utah fans yesterday seeing Utah Ute quarterback Cam Rising at the Lakers' game.



Rising might be the most beloved Ute in the history of the Utah's program. He's at least on the Mount Rushmore of Utah football. He's taken them to two consecutive Rose Bowls, and won two PAC 12 Championships. Plus he's coming back for another year.

He's got all the charisma you want in your starting quarterback. He drives a cool retro truck and has the Fu Manchu.

So why in the sam hell is he a Lakers fan?

I understand he grew up in Southern California, but it's time to put away childish things as it says in the good book, right?

Don't let your random placement on this planet dictate the rest of your life, right? We grow as human beings, we mature, and most importantly, we don't cheer for the Lakers.

I hope Cam's path will one day lead him to leaving his old sins behind, and putting on a Jazz hat, or even a Clippers one...

(*Full disclosure on the Trout video...I think those kids were being used by autograph pigs (adults) to get autographs they could sell. Trout sniffed it out and gave the kid's blow by.)

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