Have you ever had to spend any time with a Texan?



It's unbearable.

I had a Texan friend when I was about 20.


And I'd say, "yeah in Illinois football's a pretty big deal..." and he'd say "well, not compared to Texas. Texas is where real high school football is played."

Or I'd say Portillo's in Chicago is my favorite, and he'd "well, Whataburger in Texas is unrivaled.


Or I'd say "that's a cute girl over there--" and he say "she wouldn't be a 6 in Texas."


Ok fine. Lesson learned, avoid hanging out with Texans whenever possible.

It's like this week, you want to avoid hanging out with elitist college sports fans.

Iowa State v Texas
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The fans that are gonna say, "I told ya a Mountain West school couldn't compete with a blue blood!"

"They don't have the 4 and 5 star talent!"

"San Diego State didn't have the NIL budget, they fluked into the final 4!"

"What a waste of a title game!"

Florida Atlantic v San Diego State
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It was the same thing we had to hear when Georgia beat TCU 65-7.


Or when Utah lost to Kentucky in 1998.

Some college sports elitist has to tell us how cute it was that our mid-majory team thought they could compete.

I hate this sentiment and I think SDSU's Coach said it best, via USA TODAY

“The state of basketball is in good shape right now,” San Diego State coach Brian Dutcher said after the championship game. “You don’t have to have millions of dollars in NIL and you don’t have to get every kid in the portal to be successful. You just have to have kids that are about the right things, that want to win beyond anything else.”

Now has never been a better time for the small guys.

But still, steer clear of elitist college fans for at least the next 72 hours.


Steer clear of those guys for the next 72 hours at least. 

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