We're down to four teams in the NFL playoffs. And it got me wondering...which NFL team has the most fans in Southern Utah nowadays?

In the 90's it was the 49ers.

Every mormon kid I knew cheered for San Francisco in the 90's because of Steve Young. Plus you combine Young, with the fact that they were running the West Coast Offense which LaVell helped pioneer...it was a clear choice.

You also had the Broncos in the 90's. Because of proximity Utah NFL fans ALWAYS get Broncos games. The difference between now and the 90's was the Broncos were good in the 90's.

Here's the most famous play from the Broncos 90's Super Bowls:

But, I don't know that as many people in Southern Utah cared when the Broncos won with Peyton.

Now, you have the Raiders 90 minutes down the road and you also have a bunch of transplants living in St. George from California. Are the Raiders making a move to be Southern Utah's NFL team?

The problem is the Raiders aren't any good...so who else?

Let's take a look at the Chiefs...

I know they're the juggernaut team in the NFL right now and there's bound to be bandwagon fans all over the country. But I think Southern Utah has a ton of BYU fans who love Andy Reid. I also think we have a ton of Utah fans who love Alex Smith, and adopted the Chiefs during the Smith era and have kept them in the Mahomes era.

I think when you add up all of the Reid/Smith people and all of the kids who are wearing Mahomes jerseys, the Chiefs might be the team. Which is insane. But I feel like I see more Raiders fans nowadays.


So after much deliberation...I'm going with the Silver and Black.

What do you think??

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