Dads who have daughters always tell you..."Enjoy 'em while they're young!"

Enjoy the toddler phase and the tomboy phase and the wanting to go to the rodeo with you phase.

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Because that window closes fast and another window opens.

It's the "Who are you texting?" phase.

And the "Wait, you're going to a movie with who?" phase.

And the "What dance?" phase.

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Basically, the boys start showing up. And it's a nightmare. You cross your fingers because it's all you can do.

That window of life is right around the corner for Utah college football coaches. You have some underclassman who you recruited. Some kid you found that nobody else did. Like Utah Tech's Beau Sparks, a home run true freshman recruit from Texas. Utah State's Ike Larsen Cache Valley kid. SUU's Kohner Cullimore, a sophomore stud linebacker. How about LJ Martin at BYU, a true freshman running back with great talent.
Twitter @uacfootball
Twitter @uacfootball
On December 3rd, the boys are gonna start showing up.
The transfer portal opens. Suitors from other programs are going to be offering NIL money trying to take them away from you. So lock it down now. Take the cellphones away. Strict curfew. Limit the social media. And try and survive this 45 day window to try and keep what's yours. Cross your fingers. That's all you can do.

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